Hitler's background.

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Where and when was he born?
He was born on the 20th of april 1889 at a small Australian village called
Braunau, near to the German border in a Inn called Braunau Am Inn.
What was his family like?
His father is called Alois HItlerand his mother called Klara/Clara.
Klara was the 3rd wife of Alois. Klara and alois had 23 years apart.
Hitler was 4th child out of the 6th. Alois worked for the civil services.
Klara was actually a half-niece of Alois. Out of the six children only
Hitler and Paula had grown up to be an adult. Alois had 2 more
children from his previous wife, a son Alois, Jr., and a daughter,
Angela. He was violently abused by his fatherthis shows his
bigger preference to his and a big resentment toward his father. Alois
was 51 when Hitler was born. Alois was short tempered, he was violent
toward his son because because alois had an older brother who went to
prison for theft and so alois doesn't want Hitler to go down that path.
Klara was exactly the opposite of Alois. She was caring and she doted on
her son and for the rest of his life, Hitler carried a photo of his mother with him where
ever he went.
What was his education like?
When Hitler was 13 Alois had died this meant that no one could force him to
stay at school. So when he was 16 he left school with no qualifications. He had
a few friends. He was said to be lazy and hardly ever excelled his work.
Hitler's final school report (September 1905) was as follows
What was his Ambition? Did he succeed?
One of his ambitions was to become an artist. Although his father had truly
disagreed against it. He struggled to make a living as a painter in Vienna. He
tried to do everything to pursue his dream but his dream shattered when his

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In Vienna, the Vienna Academy of Art rejected
his application because "he had no School Leaving Certificate". His drawings
which he presented as evidence of his ability were rejected as they had too
few people in them. He painted postcards in the hope of selling
them and clearing the snow of the road for a living. This is where
he developed the hatred towards the jews about 1908.…read more


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