History Surgery Key Dates

These are the Key Dates for history surgery GCSE from the 19th to the 20th century.

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1799 ­ Humphrey Davy discovered Nitrous Oxide makes you less aware of pain (an

1833 ­ Joseph Lister was given title of Baronet.

1842 ­ Crawford W Long used ether as an anaesthetic while operating on a neck tumour
(but did not publish details of his operation).

1844 -…

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1890 ­ William Halstead developed rubber gloves (aiding aseptic surgery).

1890s ­ Victor Horsley was the first specialist neuro-surgeon.

1895 ­ Wilhelm Roentgen invented x-rays (not patented so others could use).

1901 ­ Karl Landsteiner discovered blood groups A, B and O (this meant surgeons could
match blood to ensure…

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1990s ­ Increasing use of keyhole surgery, using endoscopes and ultrasound scanning,
allowed minimally invasive surgery.

2002 ­ Specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital, watching digital x-rays
transmitted by satellite, helped the medical officer at a research station from the South
Pole operate on a damaged knee.


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