History Summary. America and Great Britain.

A summary about America and Great Britain.


  • Puritans:
  • The Mayflower Compact:
  • Britain’s revolution
  • Americafrom 1775 to 1783
  • The origins of the American Revolution:
  • The Nature of The American Colonists:
  • The Seven Years War:
  • George Greenville’s Plan:
  • Trade, tax and tea:
  • Americans look for freedom:
  • Bostontown:
  • The Boston Tea Party: 1773
  • Boston is punished
  • The first shots are fired:
  • The War Of Independence Causes:
  • The Impact of the American Revolution
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Pilgrims: People who make journeys for religious reasons
Pilgrims for Americans: a group of English people who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in
They dislike elaborate ceremonies and the rich decorations of its churches. They also
questioned their teaching. They wanted a "pure" Church of England. That's why they were
called puritans because they were persecuted they went to Holland, the only country at that
time that has religious freedom. They didn't felt at home in Holland, so they went back to
England. They wanted to go to Virginia because of the good weather, but because of
hazardous storms they finally reached Cape Cod. There many settlers died (½) because of the
extreme weather conditions, cold especially.
The Mayflower Compact:
It was an agreement between the Pilgrims and the "strangers" that sailed of Plymouth that said
that they agreed working together for the good of all, and they agreed to have a civil body
politic and to make just and equal laws. It finally helped in the following difficult years.
Britain's revolution
America from 1775 to 1783
Benjamin Franklin leader of the American Revolution ended British rule in America.
Thomas Jefferson, owning 200 slaves, wrote the Declaration of the Independence, which
said all men had the right to liberty.
American colonist rebelled having the highest standard of living in the British Empire, paying
the least tax and owning colonial assemblies which gave them more control over their lives.
The origins of the American Revolution:
The Nature of The American Colonists:
Most American colonists were though, independent people. They fought again Native
Americans, the French and American wilderness to build up farms and business. They believed
god helped them to de this. Colonists were Protestants they valued their political and religious
liberty. Their assembly looked after the running of the sate.
The Seven Years War:
Britain's main rival was France who owned large territories like them. A war was inevitable,
the Seven Years War (175663). By 1763 the French and their Native American allies were
For the next ten years or so the American colonists prospered.
Colonist now owned land and were allowed to vote
They had the highest standard of living in the British Empire
They had more land and education.
Bigger families
People were healthy and wealthy
Population rose. 1750: 1.2 M vs. 1770: 2.3 M
They paid only 1 shrilling of taxes while British people paid 26 shrilling.
George Greenville's Plan:
He proposed a deal with the French and the Native Americans that the colonist would not
try to establish any new colonies, but the plan was dropped.
Trade, tax and tea:

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Greenville brought in the Stamp Tax. All documents had to be printed on specially
stamped paper. He then put a tax on this paper. It made easy to see whether Americans
were paying tax or not.
"No taxation without representation" (American viewpoint).
British Viewpoint American Viewpoint
The 7YW cost over 100 M. We put our lives in the 7YW, not just our
As the American paid little tax they had to taxes. We pay taxes to our assembly too,
pay for this.…read more

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British troops retreated to the town of Boston, 73
British soldiers and 49 American rebels were killed. People in other colonies joined with
the rebels in Boston. their aim was to win freedom or independence from Britain.
The War Of Independence
The Declaration was political dynamite. War with the British followed from 1776 to 1783,
it was a civil war and a revolution. British withdrew from America.
They did not have the will or money to fight a war across the Atlantic.…read more


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