History Summary. America and Great Britain.

A summary about America and Great Britain.


  • Puritans:
  • The Mayflower Compact:
  • Britain’s revolution
  • Americafrom 1775 to 1783
  • The origins of the American Revolution:
  • The Nature of The American Colonists:
  • The Seven Years War:
  • George Greenville’s Plan:
  • Trade, tax and tea:
  • Americans look for freedom:
  • Bostontown:
  • The Boston Tea Party: 1773
  • Boston is punished
  • The first shots are fired:
  • The War Of Independence Causes:
  • The Impact of the American Revolution
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Pilgrims: People who make journeys for religious reasons
Pilgrims for Americans: a group of English people who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in
They dislike elaborate ceremonies and the rich decorations of its churches. They also
questioned their teaching. They wanted a "pure" Church of England. That's why…

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Greenville brought in the Stamp Tax. All documents had to be printed on specially
stamped paper. He then put a tax on this paper. It made easy to see whether Americans
were paying tax or not.

"No taxation without representation" (American viewpoint).

British Viewpoint American Viewpoint
The 7YW cost over…

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village green, further fighting took place, British troops retreated to the town of Boston, 73
British soldiers and 49 American rebels were killed. People in other colonies joined with
the rebels in Boston. their aim was to win freedom or independence from Britain.

The War Of Independence
The Declaration was…


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