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The Treaty of Versailles
The Treaty of Versailles was an agreement of settlement that was signed, after World War
one, (1918) in the vast Versailles Palace near Paris between Germany and its allies. The three
most important politicians there were DAVID LLOYD GEORGE, GEORGES CLEMENCEAU


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Treaty of Neuilly 1919- Bulgaria
Reparations- Had to pay £100 million
Military Restrictions- Limited to 20000 men
Territory- Lost land to Yugoslavia and Greece.

Treaty of St Germain 1919- Austria

Reparations- Austria agreed to pay but the collapse of the bank of Vienna in
1922, meant nothing was paid.…

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The League of Nations
The League of Nations was formed just after world war one, it was Woodrow Wilsons idea
however America did not join the League of Nations. Germany was not allowed to join the
League of Nations as it was one of the terms of the treaty.…

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Why it was difficult to disarm

Countries will feel venerable to attack
Can't trust leaders
Where do all the weapons go
What constitutes as a weapon
People rebel/ Civil war
Weapons increase economics

Locarno Treaty
Germany involved
France happy
1926 Germany joined L of N
Peace agreement

Kellogg-Briand Pact…

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Aggression in Manchuria (an example of the failure of the

1. In the 1920's China was weak and in many area local leaders (war lords) were
more important than the government. Japan took advantage of their
weakness to `expand' its interest in Manchuria.
2. Kwangtun army were already…

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Reasons why Mussolini wanted to invade Abyssinia
No major country owned Abyssinia
To distract them from unemployment
They had land surrounding Abyssinia
The league wouldn't stop them
Wanted to own an empire

League of Nations reaction
Verbal warning
Trading sanction
Invasion takes place
Secret meeting- Hoare-Laval pact
Appeal to…

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Collapse of international peace in the 1930's

Wall Street crash
After world war one the average income per capita was $1400. It started to rise and
by 1929 it was at $1800 however it suddenly dropped to $1200. This was the Wall
Street Crash (also known as the great…

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How did it affect other countries?

Other countries cannot afford to buy American goods anymore as the cost
too much.
USA stopped loans to other countries
USA imported less goods from other countries

How does it affect the League of Nations?
The Wall Street crash affected the League of…

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Terms of the What Hitler did and The reasons The response
Treaty of when to break the Hitler gave from Britain
Versailles term of the treaty for his and France
Germany's Introduced He wanted to Nothing, they
armed forces to conscription, feel protected, agreed to work
be severely…


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