History of Medicine Timeline 1800s and 1900s

I made this timeline for the "Medicine Through Time" course. I have done timelines for all dates, i have only uploaded the ones that i can read the writing, the more on the timeline the smaller the writing (beccuase of the application i made it on), if you want me to upload others just comment and message me. I have uploaded 1800s, 1900s, Ancient era and the Renaissance, i will upload others if i get requests. Hope it helps you guys.

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Innoculation in Britain
1720 AD
Innoculation was brought into Britain by Lady Montagu
from Turkey.
They did this by:
- Getting a thread and soaking it in pus from a smallpox
- Drawing the thread through a cut in a person who
wanted the inoculation, and after a mild reaction they
became immune.
Problems included the dosage wasn't controlled and
sometimes the person got full effect smallpox and died.
Edward Jenner
1749­1825 AD
Great Plague of London Jenner noticed that milkmaids didn't get small pox, but
1665 AD they caught cowpox (which was much milder).
Not the only occurrence of the plague, but it was the most
Scientifically Jenner found that people who got cowpox
didn't get smallpox.
The Great Fire of London In 1796 Jenner tested this on a boy, he injected cowpox
1666 AD pus into the boy and the boy didn't catch smallpox.
The Great Fire of London brought the plague under
control (it is thought that it was due to the fact that rats Industrial Revolution
were killed by the fire.
1750­1900 AD
Developments in Medicine Timeline
1675 AD 1700 AD 1725 AD 1750 AD 1775 AD 1800 AD 1825 AD 1850 AD


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