History of Medicine, Medieval Britain

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Medieval Britain
They were careful about who they took in to hospitals- as in you were not allowed in hospitals if
you had a disease that would infect everyone! Leper houses were built outside of towns to
separate the victims of the disease Leprosy from healthy people. Leprosy was feared because it
rotted people's flesh!! Other hospitals were care homes for the sick and Elderly- did not give
medical treatment.
Public health in Medieval Britain:
Britain had war and separated into many parts- No more Roman engineers that had technological
knowledge to keep baths clean, sewers and for aqueducts to work effectively. Invading tribes
destroyed or neglected public health systems. Kings spent money on wars; they were not
interested in education and the cleanliness of the city.
Problems and solution with public health:
Animals were always the problem- horses used for transport, geese and other farm animals sent
to be butchered, dogs roaming the streets and rats! But by 1200 Cesspits were created out of
stone so now it was less likely that feces could go into the drinking waters. But Medieval towns
were still dirty because Kings, Mayors and citizens did not have the technological knowledge to
build aqueducts. They believed that God created illnesses as a punishment. Best public health= in
monasteries because they could afford it.
Knowledge about Medicine:
Invasions and wars destroyed libraries and books- some of Galen's books were lost! Many ignored
the Roman monasteries and never rebuilt them- some of the roman history and knowledge were
lost. War destroyed medical libraries- in every village there was a church that controlled what
people said and did- no advance in medical knowledge and research- Roger Bacon was arrested
for doing experiments, church controlled education, and that there were supernatural causes to
everything! God controlled their lives and health- and they were STILL READING GALEN!!!
Ideas about causes of disease:
They believed that God or the Devil caused the illness- a punishment for their sins. The four
humours- if unbalanced then you are ill. They had a bit of common sense as they claimed that bad
air (miasmas) caused illness not germs. They also thought that worms caused disease and not rats
when the Black Death occurred (1345-51). Minority groups were blamed: Jews were said to have
caused the Black Death- poisoning waters- they looked for someone to blame.

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Training of doctors:
All wars meant that there was plenty of practice for surgeons but wars made travel for doctors
hard= much less experience gained and education. Landowners grew rich from good harvest on
their land- most of them were bishops and abbots. They spent the money building universities
like Oxford in 1611- medical students attended lectures there- Roger Bacon suggested in
discovering new medicine but he was jailed by the church.…read more


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