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History of Medicine - Individuals
Hippocrates 460 BC 'The father of medicine', encouraged Clinical Observation and created the
Theory of the Four Humours.

Aristotle 384- 322 BC Greek thinker, collected Hippocratic ideas and produced a clear theory about
the cause and treatment of disease. Linked four humours to seasons.


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Morton & Warren 1846 Removed a tumour painlessly form a patient's neck with ether.

Simpson 1847 Though not the first to attempt to reduce pain in operations, Simpson's use of
Chloroform led to the use of anaesthetics being much more acceptable - in part due to Queen
Victoria making use…

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Seebohm Rowntree 1901 Wrote a report called `A Study of Town Life', worked out 1 in 10 families
couldn't make ends meet even if they never wasted a penny nor had a day off work.

Lloyd George 1906-1914 Leader of the liberal party, he introduced the national insurance scheme.


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