History of medicine, important people, overview

a table with the most important people, their discoveries and their time period.

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Who? When? What?
Hippocrates Ancient Greece Four humours
Hippocratic oath
Wrote medical books
Made scientific experiment important

Galen Ancient Rome Built on the four humours (opposites)
Proved that the brain controls the body
Wrote hundreds of books

Ambroise Pare Renaissance A barber surgeon
Created a new mix to clean wounds…

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Followed many ideas of the reeks and romans but also came up with his own

Ibn-Sina Medicine in the Muslim Wrote the medical encyclopaedia called the canon
World (980-1037) Included many Greek and roman ideas
Known as the `Galen of Islam'

Robert Koch Industrial Revolution A trained doctor with much…

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Alexander Fleming Industrial Revolution Discovered Penicillin
However abandoned his work as he didn't have the sufficient funds to grow large quantities
of it. He would need government funding

Florey and chain 1939-1945 They worked on Fleming's discovery and grew enough to test it on mice
Still didn't have enough funding…


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