History of Medicine - factors in each period

A chart of examples of how different factors helped the development of medicine in each period

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PUBLIC HEALTH Nomadic Nomadic
Witch doctor
CAUSE AND CURE Women were main Charms and amulets
ANCIENT Dissection banned
Physician - used simple
SURGERY surgery to treat illness
Better instruments (bronze) Knowledge about
EGYPT anatomy from embalming
Government and
Lived near the Nile so
PUBLIC HEALTH hierachy developed
and contact was easie
First civilisation
Gods - Raj, Sekhemt,
Natural belief of wehedu
CAUSE AND CURE Thoth Pharaohs
blocking metu in the body
Made them keep clean Developed hieroglyph
Priest doctors
Herophilus - brain
ANCIENT controls body and
Dissection allowed on Dissection on humans still
SURGERY arteries/nerves
animals banned
GREECE Erisostratus - heart acts
as pump
Spread around the
PUBLIC HEALTH Mediterranean, could
more and compare the
Hippocrates - theory of 4 Temple of Asclepius Alexandria - doctors sh
humours and clinical was successful - ideas, universities, libr
CAUSE AND CURE observation encouraged healthy Clinical observation he
Gods - Asclepius regimen spread ideas
Galen's books used for
1500 years - accepted
ANCIENT Gladiators had new because they talked about
New copper/ iron surgical
SURGERY Galen - pig experiment wounds Army
tools - more specialised
'The Creator' so agreed
ROME hospitals with Christianity
Still not allowed to dissect

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Centralised and wealthy Clinical observation
Need for healthy
PUBLIC HEALTH government create
Better architecture Had a strong empire a
strong empire spread around Europe
Galen - Theory of
Ibn Al Nafis - proved
Galen's theories wrong
(heart ventricles)
Liked Galen's theories
DARK/ Hugh & Theodoric of
Salerno Medical school
SURGERY Lucca - sterilisation
had 1 corpse a year to
MIDDLE AGES using red wine
Jean Vigo - burn wound
with hot oil to prevent
Roman Empire
Army returned…read more

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King's Evil - made
people come out of
Different types of Paracelcus Healers could travel ar
Tried to isolate the
CAUSE AND CURE Great Plague - thought
healers - specialists experimented with and learn different
Paracelcus - chemicals different chemicals techniques
it came from rats
(actually fleas), shows
progression in theories
18TH Different types of
SURGERY healers
Invention of microscope
PUBLIC HEALTH Laissez-Faire attitude
Edward Jenner
Edward Jenner - first noticed that Great Plague - many
CAUSE AND CURE vaccination dairymaids do not…read more

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Booth and Rowntree - Germany, who had
report showed poverty good health system
Flemming leaves
petri dish out
Charles Chamberlain
Alexander Flemming -
(on Pasteur's research
Penicillin USA wanted
American Government team) retested some Invention of petri dish
Ehrlich - first magic penicillin for their
CAUSE AND CURE fund mass production of
bullet soldiers (mass
solution that had (Koch) and method to isolate
penicillin been left out for certain bacteria
Domagk - second magic produced)
chicken cholera
Hata retested
salvarson 606…read more


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