History - Immigrants and politicians/legislation

A summary of some of the key laws and legislations, as well as the actions of some politicians

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Discouraging immigrants
The government attempted to discourage immigrants by providing
them with less than the German POW's received
Pamphlets were produced to inform Caribbean immigrants of the
drab food, cold weather and closed-off people
Legislation and laws
1962 Commonwealth Immigrants Act restricted immigrants to those
with skills or those who would work for a deprived profession
1965 Race Relations Act made race discrimination illegal, however it
did not change peoples attitudes and could be avoided through
1966 Race Relations Board was meant to handle complaints about
discrimination however it dismisses 734/982 complaints
In 1968 restricted work vouchers to only 1500 per year
In 1968 entry was restricted only to those with British roots/passport
1968 New Race Relations Act made discrimination in housing and
employment illegal
1976 Racial Equality Act made racially insensitive music or
publications illegal
Commission for Racial Equality investigated racism
Politicians and pressure groups
In the 1959 elections some MPs tried to raise the issue of
immigration with slogans such as `Keep Britain White'
The Birmingham Immigration Control Association was a pressure
In 1964 the labour leader Harold Wilson limited immigrants to 8500
per annum
They suggested that immigrants were the problem, not the racists
In 1967 the National Front (a racist political party) called for
immigration to end
Enoch Powell was a huge political influence and totally against

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