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Describe the key features of Nazi socialism
The three main features of National Socialism are nationalism, totalitarianism and socialism.
Firstly, the Nazis wanted to make Germany stronger and more independent and they wanted to do
this by breaking the Treaty of Versailles, expanding the borders to make lebensraum and making
Germany less dependent on exports and imports. Hitler despised the Treaty of Versailles for
stripping Germany from its land, money and pride and they wanted to return Germany back to its
former self.
The Nazis also said they wanted to control industry and agriculture so they could expand them and
improve Germany. They thought that with stronger manufacturing, Germany would be a stronger
country. Jews were not allowed to be owners of businesses, businesses weren't to make fair profits
and the workers would be treated fairly.
The Nazis wanted to control every aspect of ordinary working Germans' lives including work and
education. Hitler thought the democracy was weak so he wanted `fuhrerprinzip' which is when
people have total loyalty to one leader. He wanted `fuhrerprinzip' because it was believed that
having a strong leader meant the country was stable and would have a good figure-head to look up
The main feature of Nazi socialism was the idea that Germany should become a stronger country
which has all aspects of nationalism, socialism and totalitarianism.


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