History Exam Tips, Short Course, AQA

Exam tips for the exam for short course students (as the title states) :D

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Exam Tips (Short Course AQA)
The Describe Questions (4marks)
Describe how and the main points
For top marks give a detailed description of at least two, preferably three aspects
relevant to the question.
The Explain Questions (6marks)
Different to a describe Q.
You are saying why something happened, not what.
The aim is to evaluate why something happened or how someone felt about an
In explaining you may cover reasons (why something happened) ways (how
something happened) or results (consequences/effects)
Top marks would be a developed, detailed and well written explanation covering
several things relevant to the question.
The Bullet Point essay Questions (10maks)
Don't tell the story of each cause.
The aim is to show a strong argument, to explain, not describe what happened.
To draw a conclusion looking at which of the two bullet points shows the more
important, success, weakness, reason for, cause of.
Have a look at the questions I have uploaded for practise :D


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