History - Education in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s

A summary of Grammar schools, Secondary Moderns, Comprehensives and Universities

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Education in the `60s and `70s

Key problems with the school system

Grammar Schools Secondary Modern

To obtain entry to a Grammar Secondary modern students often
school you had to pass an 11+ exam ended up in low paid jobs

Grammar schools opened up Parents worried that their children

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For Comprehensives Against Comprehensives

They abolished class divides Many people felt alienated when
classes were mixed
Comprehensives created a better
situation for the working classes 11+ system directed students into a
than Grammar schools school to suit their needs

Abolished the determination of a If too many people were…

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Tuition fees Grants to help with tuition fees
and cost of and sometimes living expenses

In 1939 only
50000 people
went on to




Basic, yet very informative. Just the way I like it. Thanks! :)

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