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Woodrow Wilson was president
He was a Democrat
Hated the idea of war
So America was in isolationism
In 1914, America was neutral
Did not join the war until 1917 in defence of its own shipping
Did not join the Western Front until 1918
100,000 Americans were killed

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Advertising boom = billboards and more radios
Chain stores opened such as Woolworths
End of 1920s, 200 corporations controlled 20 per cent of the Nation's wealth

Hire Purchase
People paid a deposit and paid the rest in instalments
Easy to borrow money from banks with low interest rates
Led to…

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Immigration Controls ­ Black Americans
Blacks gained freedom from slavery in the 1860s
In 1896, the Jim Crow laws were legally approved by the US Supreme Court
This allowed people to treat blacks as inferior people
1920s, 1 million people left the South to go to the North, where the…

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Hoover promised this would continue and promised `a chicken in every pot' and said the USA was
close to having no poverty
In six months the situation was completely different
June 1929, overproduction made industries cut back
September, some investors began to worry about prices and foreseen the crash


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