History A: The making of the modern world Unit 3c: a divided union? the USA 1945-70 (All Dates)

These are all the dates of all the events in the textbook, this took me ages so enjoy :)

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History Dates

The impact of the cold war:

June 1948 ­ SU closed Berlin's transport links out of SU Germany
April 1949 ­ Set up NATO
May 1949 ­ Set up Federal Republic of West Germany
October 1949 ­ Set up Communist German Democratic Republic
1950 ­ North Korea invaded…

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Using the law:

1896 ­ Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme court ruled facilities, education and transport
could be segregated as long as they were `separate but equal'
1947 ­ President Truman told the Committee on Civil Rights that it was time to
make sure civil right laws were enforced
June 1951…

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1963 ­ Civil rights campaigners targeted Birmingham for a full-scale nonviolent
desegregation campaign
3rd April 1963 ­ Campaign began. There were anti-segregation marches and Bull
Conner's police made many arrests, among them Martin Luther King.
2nd May 1963 ­ first big children's protest, at the end of the day 956…

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4th August 1964 ­ their bodies were found, they had been shot in the head
That summer ­ 6 civil rights, 80 beatings, 35 shootings and over 1000 arrests.
17000 black people registered to vote and only 1600 succeeded

Landmark laws:

2nd June 1964 ­ New Civil Rights Act was…

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Chicago and Cleveland 1966
Newark and Detroit 1967
Washington and Cleveland 1968
1968 ­ A non-violent march for union rights lead by Martin Luther King fell apart
into a riot
4th April 1968 ­ Martin Luther King was assassinated, there were riots in over 100
American towns and cities, it…

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Position of woman:

1920 ­ the Federation of Business and Professional Woman set up
1950 ­ 1960 ­ Most people expected woman to be homemakers, general feeling
was that work for woman was just temporary, woman didn't need careers
Until 1962 ­ Eleanor Roosevelt campaigned for equality for woman, during…


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