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Historical Features

Celts 500BC-43B C

Large love of poetry
Would fight naked to show their strength, used blue war paint and gold bands as religious
good luck symbols
They would decorate their homes with severed heads of their enemies and believed some
had magical properties
In battle, they would work…

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Augustine led a mission to make Britain Christian. Although Christianity was not introduced at
this point (e.g. Emperor Constantine), it had not caught on
All Christians were Catholic and believed the Pope was appointed by God, this is what
Augustine created
He developed the ideas of what is now recognised…

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Age of Standardisation 1700s AD

William Shakespeare is known to have spelt his own name at least six different ways
Spelling, punctuation and grammar was not taught in schools as the language had not been
standardised until this point
It was standardised in the triangle between London, Oxford and Cambridge…


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