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Edward VI


ELTON: his "characters and views mattered little"

ELTON: "his so-called opinions were those of his advisers"

MATUSIAK: 1551-onwards "Edward was expanding his participation in government"


HEARD: "failed to show the leadership necessary"

TURVEY AND HEARD: "inherited an impossible diplomatic and military position"

POLLARD: "aims that were…

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BEER: "lent his authority and gave encouragement"

BEER: "personally supplied few ideas"

HOAK: (about the Privy Council) "Somerset's near abandonment of the institute brought the king's
government close to ruin; that it did not collapse was chiefly due to Northumberland's restoration
and unprecedented definition of rule by council"

HOAK: "one…

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Mary I

C.S.L. DAVIES: Mary's accession was "the only successful rebellion in Tudor England"

A.F. POLLARD: "sterility was the conclusive not of Mary's reign"

BINDOFF: "politically bankrupt"

STARKEY: "it was legality, legitimacy and the sense that she was Henry VIII's daughter which won the
day for Mary"

HEARD: government was…

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GUY: Elizabeth "controlled her policy more than any other Tudor"

GUY: "she knew her mind; her instinct to power was infallible"

BINDOFF: "politically genius"

A.G.R. SMITH: "the council was rent by politics"

GUY: the council "got things done"

WILLIAMS: "the final decisions rested with the Queen... who might easily…

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MACCULLOCH: "an operation planned with great skill for the Queen by Cecil"

LEE: "there was something in the settlement and its follow-up to satisfy ­ and irritate ­ all religious

ELTON: "it was a serious mistake to make" (to appoint Grindall as Archbishop)

BOSSY: the Throckmorton plot was "a…




OMG THANK YOU!! This was extremely helpful, I was flummoxed by Historiography and how to extract it form the texts, you've helped so much.

Alice Deane


Thanks this will be really useful for the essay that I need to write.

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