Historians' Quotes - The Triumph of Elizabeth

Quotes from historians for Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I

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Edward VI
ELTON: his "characters and views mattered little"
ELTON: "his so-called opinions were those of his advisers"
MATUSIAK: 1551-onwards "Edward was expanding his participation in government"
HEARD: "failed to show the leadership necessary"
TURVEY AND HEARD: "inherited an impossible diplomatic and military position"
POLLARD: "aims that were essentially noble"
WILLIAMS: "entirely unsympathetic to the destitute"
LOACH: "autocratic by temperament"
HAIGH: "blundered" into a total ban of images
AGR SMITH: the Act of Uniformity was a "shrewd statesman-like measure"
GUY: "the 1549 revolts were the closest thing Tudor England saw to a class war"
DUFFY: "class antagonism"
CARAMANI: the Western Rebellion was "the most formidable opposition to the reformation that
England saw"
MACCULLOCH: "an astonishing series of concessions" to the rebels, whom he treated with "respect"
HOAK: Somerset's execution "saved England from a revival of the chaos that had characterised the
MURPHY: "a disastrous set of policies"
TILLBROOK: "his arrogant and dictatorial manner created enemies"
LOTHERINGTON: "a genuine and able reformer"
TILLBROOK: created a "restoration of stability"
POLLARD: "the subtlest intriguer in English history"
JORDON: "masterly and almost instinctive conspirator"
JORDON: "enfeebled by a persistent fear of disorder"

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BEER: "lent his authority and gave encouragement"
BEER: "personally supplied few ideas"
HOAK: (about the Privy Council) "Somerset's near abandonment of the institute brought the king's
government close to ruin; that it did not collapse was chiefly due to Northumberland's restoration
and unprecedented definition of rule by council"
HOAK: "one of the most remarkably able governors of any European state during the 16th century"
HEARD: "the humiliating peace alliance with a traditional enemy was seen as a national disgrace"
HEARD: "in many respects England had…read more

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Mary I
C.S.L. DAVIES: Mary's accession was "the only successful rebellion in Tudor England"
A.F. POLLARD: "sterility was the conclusive not of Mary's reign"
BINDOFF: "politically bankrupt"
STARKEY: "it was legality, legitimacy and the sense that she was Henry VIII's daughter which won the
day for Mary"
HEARD: government was "fundamentally unchanged"
TITTLER: "strengthened the concept of conciliar committees"
MURPHY: "cooperation rather than conflict" in Parliament
SMITH: Marian financial reforms "were fundamental for Elizabeth's solvency and thus for Elizabethan
achievement as a whole."
C.E.…read more

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GUY: Elizabeth "controlled her policy more than any other Tudor"
GUY: "she knew her mind; her instinct to power was infallible"
BINDOFF: "politically genius"
A.G.R. SMITH: "the council was rent by politics"
GUY: the council "got things done"
WILLIAMS: "the final decisions rested with the Queen... who might easily ignore their (the privy
council's) decisions"
HAIGH: "Elizabeth was a bully"
GUY: "the post-1596 period had a strong factional element"
HAIGH: "Shut up. Pay up. Pack up." Elizabeth's attitude to Parliament.…read more

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MACCULLOCH: "an operation planned with great skill for the Queen by Cecil"
LEE: "there was something in the settlement and its follow-up to satisfy ­ and irritate ­ all religious
ELTON: "it was a serious mistake to make" (to appoint Grindall as Archbishop)
BOSSY: the Throckmorton plot was "a fairly near thing" and a "genuine threat"
ELTON: "the number of English Catholics did not increase" due to the seminary priests
GUY: "most lay Catholics were not seriously threatened" by the Anti-Catholic legislation
DORAN: "The…read more



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