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Key figures:
Hugo Preuss: minister for the interior and main author of the proposals for the Weimar.
Albert Einstein: credited scientist who won a Nobel Prize.
Walther Rathenau: Foreign minister during the war and signed the Treaty of Rapallo with USSR. He owned AEG
(engineering company) providing a link…

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Previous Questions:
Explain why Hitler passed the Nuremburg Laws in 1935.
Racial theory
Spring 1935
People were unsure as to what classed as a `Jew'
Legislation rather than terror, to appease people
Explain why Euthanasia was introduced in Germany in 1939.
To `uncontaminate' Aryan race
With reference to the…

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`Before 1930, there was no plant behind the anti-Semitic actions of the Nazi regime.' Explain why you agree or
disagree with the view.
`It was the invasion of the USSR which changed Nazi policies towards the Jews under German rule in the years
1941 to 1945'. Explain why you…




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