HIS2N: Key figures and previous questions

Here is a list of important Jews and Nazis that it would be useful to know. Also I have produced a list of all the previous 12 and 24 mark questions and listed some useful talking points. I hope it helps :)

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Key figures:
Hugo Preuss: minister for the interior and main author of the proposals for the Weimar.
Albert Einstein: credited scientist who won a Nobel Prize.
Walther Rathenau: Foreign minister during the war and signed the Treaty of Rapallo with USSR. He owned AEG
(engineering company) providing a link with `Jewish Capitalism. He was associated with the' November Criminals'
as he supported the signing of the TOV, but wasn't directly involved and he was accused of stealing money during
the war. He is evidence that Jews were assimilated and successful in Germany but his assignation in 1926 also
showed Anti-Semitism as Hitler made the anniversary of his death an official holiday.
Eric Mendelsohn: architect.
Max Alsberg: lawyer.
Kurt Weill: cabaret style musician.
Fritz Lang: Film. He produced some of the best silent films ever like `Metropolitan'.
Rosa Luxemburg: Communist and led the Spartacists Revolt in Berlin in 1918.
Kurt Eisner: Set up councils in Bavaria.
The Barmat Brothers: The Barmat Scandal ­ corruption, war profiteering, fraud, bribery and financial misdeeds.
The Rothschild's: banking family.
Josef Goebbels: In control of propaganda.
Herman Goring: close confident to Hitler and had many important political positions, such as head of the
Luftwaffe (German air force)
Heinrich Himmler: Head of the SD and ordered the mass killings of the Jews.
Alfred Rosenberg: a writer who stressed the extreme differences between Aryan characteristics and
`Asiatic-Jewish blood.
Julius Streicher: editor of Der Sturmer.
Reinhard Heydrich: In charge of the Einsatzgruppen. He announced that all European Jews were to be evacuated
to the East.
Adolf Eichmann: Head of the department for Jewish affairs and worked on a plan to send the Jews to Palestine
during the war.
Josef Mengele: Carried out experiments on twins and Jews etc.
Hans Frank: In charge of the General Government.
Rudolf Hess: Hitler's deputy leader.

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Previous Questions:
Explain why Hitler passed the Nuremburg Laws in 1935.
Racial theory
Spring 1935
People were unsure as to what classed as a `Jew'
Legislation rather than terror, to appease people
Explain why Euthanasia was introduced in Germany in 1939.
To `uncontaminate' Aryan race
With reference to the years 1919 to 1929, explain why Hitler held anti-semitic views.
Jewish Capitalism
Jewish Bolshevism
Explain why so many Jews chose to remain in Germany in the years 1933 to 1938.…read more

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Before 1930, there was no plant behind the anti-Semitic actions of the Nazi regime.' Explain why you agree or
disagree with the view.
`It was the invasion of the USSR which changed Nazi policies towards the Jews under German rule in the years
1941 to 1945'. Explain why you agree or disagree with the view.
`The need to blame someone for their economic problems was the key to the spread of anti-semitism among
the German people in the years 1929 to 1933.…read more



i love you so much for this! thanks so much! 

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