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Psychology Revision

Research Methods
Research in Psychology
Research idea (alcohol affecting memory

Aim: (To see if alcohol affects memory)


Experimental Null

Directional (1 tailed) Non Directional (2 tailed)

Independent Variable (IV) ­ This is what the psychologist changes/controls.
Dependent Variable (DV) ­ This is what the psychologist…

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Relatively convenient and ethical if it leads to informed consent
Unrepresentative as it leads to bias on the part of the PP. E.g. a daytime TV
advert would not attract full ­ time workers.

Random Sampling ­ Every member of a population has an equal chance of being
selected e.g.…

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cola and one Pepsi experimenter knows which is which however
participants are asked to try two drinks and say which one they prefer ­
they are blinded from the information they were then told to poll for
their favourite.
Double Blind procedure ­ Whenever both the participants and the

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Informal Interviews (Unstructured) ­ Less controlled tend to involve a
discussion about a certain topic. Interview could go in any direction ­
interviewer can explore areas of greater interest. Friendly rapport is a
good way to allow a required level of understanding between
interviewer and PP. Interviewers need considerable training…

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Pilot Studies
This is a small scaled study that is put in motion usually before a bigger scaled
main study. The pilot study is done to check if all equipment that may be used
works and is in check. It is used as a pretest ­ used to work out…

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Often subjected to researcher bias because they rely on
subjective interpretation of behaviour.

Videos can be made covertly or overtly to analyse data ­ on the spot note
taking as well. Information then analysed using behavioural categories. E.g.
watch a study into football violence and fill in a data…

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There are no order effects (practice & fatigue) because the PP's only
do one part of the experiment.
The results can be affected by important PP variables because there
are different PP's in each group

Repeated Measures Design ­ The PP's in the experiment repeat both
parts of the experiment…

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