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Deslie Thomas…read more

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High Culture
Associated with Leavis 1930's
Linked with elite upper class in society- privileged position
Mostly ascribed statuses but more are achieving this status
Opera, ballet, opera, polo, shooting and hunting
Small elite group in society
Social closure ­ no outsiders
Its existence today is questioned by sociologists…read more

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Popular Culture
Rise in popular culture
Shallow activities associated and enjoyed by the masses
Strinati (1995) argues the media are largely responsible for this type
of culture
Golf, Tate modern and Burberry have all become more
Sociologists argue it's a product of a media dominated world =
brings people of different backgrounds 2gether
Adorno = sceptical way to be socialised with trivial matters
deflecting interest from important social concerns…read more

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Small group within society minority part of culture
Emos, skaters, Goths or religious scientologists
Some develop into opposition to authority
Membership of subcultures change over time
Some people join to add meaning to their lives
Types of subcultures change within society
Reflects changing natures of society
Most at a young age some their entire lives…read more

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Cultural diversity
Culturally embedded differences within society
Being culturally diverse in many ways
Parekh (2006) believes then are three types
Trying to open up society to what's accepted as a norm to break the
dominant culture ( homosexuals)
Rebel against dominant values and central principles (reclaim the
streets )
Communal diversification when ethnic groups have long established
communities adding diversity to a dominant way of life Bangladeshis
in East London…read more

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Hard concept to define
Parekh (2006) very similar to cultural diversity
Differences living side by side in society
Having an equal right to preserve a cultural heritage
Barker (2003) celebrating differences…read more

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A good powerpoint presentation which clearly summarises the various aspects of culture which are essentail for the G671 paper. This powerpoint not only identifies the key points but also highlight the key theorist under each of the differents aspects of culture.

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