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High altitude training…read more

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High altitude training.
· High altitude training that is given to athletes who
are training for a major sports event.
· High altitude training usually takes place above
1,500m above sea level
· Training sessions take place on
mountain tops.
· There are many training camps
for athletes to train in.…read more

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High altitude training
· Training at high altitudes makes better the
performance of the athlete.
· At high altitudes the respiratory rate and heart
rate speed up at rest and full potential exercise.
· The faster breathing rate changes your acid-base
balance and this takes a little longer to correct.
· High altitude training is usually used by
endurance athletes ­ e.g. marathon runners…read more

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Long term effects of high altitude
· There is an increase of red blood cells in the body.
· A chemical change takes place in the red blood cells
to make them more efficient in delivery oxygen.
· There is an increase of mitochondria and oxidative
enzymes in the cells of the body.
· A decrease in maximum cardiac output a decreased
maximum heart rate…read more

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Air pressure
· The higher in the atmosphere the athlete travels
the lower amounts of oxygen and air pressure
there is.
This graph sows the
decline in air
pressure the higher
altitude there is.…read more

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Advantages of altitude training
· Body develops a denser network of capillaries ­ This
transports more oxygen in the blood.
· For 10-14 days there is a high
concentration of red blood cells
-­ This improves aerobic capacity.
­ gives athlete a competitive advantage
· Allows deeper breaths and quicker breaths
· Increase in heart rate in order to deliver more
oxygen to tissues.…read more

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