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Henry VIII Key Dates

1509 21st April ­ Henry VII died so Henry VIII becomes king
11th June - marries Catherine of Aragon
23rd June ­ Henry VIII's coronation

1510 Wolsey appointed a royal councillor

1512 England joins Spain in an alliance against France

1513 Emperor Maximilian joins…

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August - Henry makes peace with France

1526 Wolsey allies with France against Charles

1527 Henry commits himself to Anne Boleyn and decides to seek an annulment of
his marriage to Catherine of Aragon
April ­ offensive alliance against Charles V signed with France
May - Charles V sacks Rome…

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Thomas Cromwell is appointed the King's vice gerent in spirituals, giving him
day-to-day control of the Church
Treasons Act passed through parliament making it unlawful to oppose the
King in deeds or words

1535 May ­ leading Carthusians executed
June - Fisher executed
July - More executed
Valor Ecclesiasticus ­…

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Attempts to remove Cranmer fail

1544 The English Litany
English invasion of southern Scotland
September ­ Boulogne taken by English army

1545 French attempt to invade England fails
Act vesting chantry property in the Crown

1546 Gardiner excluded from the Council
June - Peace agreed between England and France at…




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