Henry VIII Key Dates

Qulaity detail with all events in all years of his reign

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Henry VIII Key Dates
1509 21st April ­ Henry VII died so Henry VIII becomes king
11th June - marries Catherine of Aragon
23rd June ­ Henry VIII's coronation
1510 Wolsey appointed a royal councillor
1512 England joins Spain in an alliance against France
1513 Emperor Maximilian joins Ferdinand, Henry and the Papacy against France
August - Battle of the Spurs and capture of Therouanne
September ­ Earl of Surrey leads a crushing victory over the Scots at
September - Tournai captured
1514 Henry makes peace with France
1515 Wolsey made Lord Chancellor and Cardinal
Francis I becomes King of France
1516 18th February ­ Princess Mary born
1517 Protestant Reformation begins with Luther nailing his 95 Theses to church
1518 Wolsey made Legate a Latere
Treaty of London signed marking the centrepiece of Wolsey's peace-making
1519 Charles V elected Holy Roman Emperor
1520 May ­ Henry meets Charles V in England
June ­ Henry and Francis meet at the Field of Cloth of Gold
July ­ Henry meets Charles at Calais
1521 Henry receives title `Defender of the Faith' from Pope Leo X after writing
the Assertio Septem Sacramentorum (In Defence of the Seven Sacraments)
Wolsey visits Charles V at Bruges, agreement reached for joint invasion of
1523 English army under Suffolk lands at Calais. Siege of Boulogne abandoned to
make an attack on Paris. The attack fails as winter sets in.
1525 24th February - Battle of Pavia (Imperial forces defeat French); Francis I
Failure of Amicable Grantand widespread unrest as a result

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August - Henry makes peace with France
1526 Wolsey allies with France against Charles
1527 Henry commits himself to Anne Boleyn and decides to seek an annulment of
his marriage to Catherine of Aragon
April ­ offensive alliance against Charles V signed with France
May - Charles V sacks Rome and imprisons the Pope
1528 England and France declare war on Charles V
Campeggio arrives in England
1529 begins to cut ties with Rome
June ­ Legatine court begins to try Henry's case
July -…read more

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Thomas Cromwell is appointed the King's vice gerent in spirituals, giving him
day-to-day control of the Church
Treasons Act passed through parliament making it unlawful to oppose the
King in deeds or words
1535 May ­ leading Carthusians executed
June - Fisher executed
July - More executed
Valor Ecclesiasticus ­ Royal visitation of the monasteries
1536 7th January - Catherine of Aragon dies
19th May - Anne Boleyn beheaded
20th May - Henry marries Jane Seymour
Act of Dissolution of Lesser Monasteries
Ten Articles published.…read more

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Attempts to remove Cranmer fail
1544 The English Litany
English invasion of southern Scotland
September ­ Boulogne taken by English army
1545 French attempt to invade England fails
Act vesting chantry property in the Crown
1546 Gardiner excluded from the Council
June - Peace agreed between England and France at Ardres
Norfolk arrested for treason
1547 28th January - Henry VIII dies…read more



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