Henry VII Foreign Policy

Details Henry VII's foreign policy in an easy to read table format.

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Period of foreign Relations with Relations with Spain Relations with Relations with Holy Relations with
policy France Burgundy Roman Empire Scotland
Establishing 1485-7 France was looking Margaret of Relations between
to absorb Brittany, Burgundy was England and
but Henry owned Henry's implacable Scotland were
Charles VIII a favour. opponent. traditionally difficult.
Henry signed one However the
year truce in problems took a
October 1485 that while to develop.
was extended to
Consolidating In 1489 Henry Treaty of Medina In 1489, Henry and James IV came of
1487-1501 signed the Treaty of del Campo in 1489. Maximilian signed age in 1495 and
Redon promising to Ferdinand and the Treaty of was a formidable
defend Brittany Henry agreed Dordrecht. foe.
from France; sent mutual support to Maximilian never James IV recognised
3000 English defend their sent troops. Perkin Warbeck. In
troops, paid for by countries against In 1493 relations 1496 Warbeck
Anne of Brittany. any enemy, and deteriorated further launched an
France annexed neither king would when Philip took abortive invasion of
Brittany in make peace with over direct rule of England with James
December 1491. France without the Burgundy. Henry IV's support. In
Henry summoned other's agreement. wrote a letter to Phil retaliation Henry
parliament to grant Neither country protesting about built up the largest
a subsidy to fight would assist or Margaret's army of his reign, in
the war against harbour rebels or continued support 1497 the troops
France with an army pretenders. for Perkin Warbeck were marshalled on
of 12,000. Launched Princess Catherine but Phil ignored it. the Scottish border.
a campaign when of Aragon would Henry retaliated by James IV was saved
Henry knew France marry Prince Arthur banishing Burgundian from invasion by the
was more of England. merchants from start of the Cornish
interested in Italy. England and putting Rebellion.

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Short siege of an embargo on James IV was left
Boulogne ended English trade with isolated by
with the Treaty of Burgundy until 1496. Warbeck's
Etaples. After 1495, relations departure and
began to improve faced growing
when Warbeck left discontent from his
Burgundy, Maximilian chief lords.
wanted English Both Kings made
support for his peace at the Truce
campaign against of Ayton in 1497.
France and forced
Margaret to back
down. Agreed the
`Great Settlement' in
1496 to remove
trade barriers.…read more

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Hoped to
gain custody
of Edmund
de la Pole
Philip won, but died
in 1506…read more


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