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Henry VII: Nobility

Arguably the biggest challenge facing Henry VII was controlling the nobility. They had
been responsible in part for overthrowing the last 3 kings at one time or another,
hence the phrase `over-mighty subjects' that has been used to describe those such
as Buckingham and Warwick who sought…

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the attainder would not take place. If the noble showed any sign of disloyalty they could be
executed and their lands taken from their family, which of the two was the more serious

Bonds and recognisances. Bonds and recognisances were agreements which the king
could make landowners sign in…

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· Henry has a problem ­ should he use those with experience but who he does not trust, or
those he trusts who have little experience? If he uses those with experience how can he
ensure they remain loyal to him?

Types of Nobles he relies on:
(a) Loyalists: e.g.…

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doubt following a similar course to the one that had followed in Richard's reign when he had
secretly negotiated with Henry.

Was Henry harsh on the nobility?

· He was reluctant to create more peers: nobility declined from 50 to 35 during the reign.
· He promoted the interests…


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