Henry IV/Henry Bollingbroke

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Henry IV was born at Bolingbroke in 1367 to
John of Gaunt and Blanche of Lancaster.
He married Mary Bohun in 1380, who he
conceived seven children with before her death in
Henry had an extremely mixed relationship
with his cousin, Richard II.
He was one of the Lords Appellant who, in
1388, persecuted many of Richard's
favourites, but his excellence as a soldier
gained the king's favour.
Henry was created Duke of Hereford in 1397
In 1398, however Richard banished him for ten
John of Gaunt's death in 1399 prompted Richard to confiscate the vast
Lancastrian estates.
However; Henry invaded England while Richard was on campaign in Ireland,
usurping the throne from the king.
Richard's supporters immediately revolted upon his deposition in 1400;
including the powerful families of Percy and Mortimer (the latter
possessing a stronger claim to the throne than Henry) revolted from 1403
to 1408.
Henry's marriage to Joan of Navarre (after his previous wife's death) was
highly unpopular and she was even convicted of witchcraft in 1419.
Scrope and Thomas Mawbray were executed in 1405 after conspiring
against Henr.
The Archbishop's execution alarmed the English people, adding to his
He developed a nasty skin disorder and epilepsy, persuading many that
God was punishing the king for executing an archbishop.
Henry, ailing from leprosy and epilepsy, watched as Prince Henry
controlled the government for the last two years of his reign.
In 1413, Henry died in Westminster Abbey.


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