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This will tell you about the typical codes and conventions of the gameshow, some relevant theories , institutions etc

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Take me out- Dating Game Show
Institution- ITV1
"We are transforming our business so that we are able to respond to the challenges of new
technologies, changing patterns of user behaviour and new market entrants, while also ensuring that
we are in a position to take advantage of the opportunities which the digitaenvironment offers."
`ITV stands for popular, classy, modern TV in all of the big genres. We are also the home to some of the biggest
names on British television. Talent plays a major role in defining our channels and in building that all important
relationship with viewers. We are absolutely committed to retaining and attracting top talent our actors,
performers and presenters are crucial to the continued success of ITV, and so are you.
`The very best ideas from creative producers will help us maintain our top slot as we realise our ambition to
provide entertaining and engaging content for our audiences across all platforms.'
.Take me Out has a comedy format, this format is used to attracted the audience due to the high entertainment
value ITV1 produces. The Take me out pilot was originally meant for Channel four, which may not have been as
successful, due to ITV having a broader array of games shows on their channel. Tv3 in Ireland aired the show in
2010, and Take me out is produced by Thames Television. The series has proven successful as a third series
started up again this year. Fox is planning to start airing the show in the U.S IN June.
Institution- ITV2
`ITV2 is the number one digital channel in the UK. In 2007, nearly 90% of the UK population watched ITV2 ­ that's
over 41.5million people and almost 11million of those were part of the valuable 1634s audience.'
Take me out the Gossip is the behind the scenes access show which is aired weekly following the
main broadcast on ITV1. Previously based online, the show created a sister show to the main on Itv2.
This shows the popularity of the online format, as a show was created just to display what was
usually posted online, to reach a larger audience.
Codes and Conventions
Music is played as the men come down the `love lift', this music helps create familiarity or holds the audiences
attention, judgement can be also made about what type of man it is before the man reaches the bottom of the life.
This suspense helps again to hold the audiences attention, causing to promote social interaction with others who
watch the show. The defeated sound of the `light' being turned off also helps hold the audience's attention, again
suspense is held when the audience is unaware when the girls will turn the lights off. The use of a studio
audience that the audience at home can actually see also add to the atmosphere, the clapping, cheering or booing
can add to the game show format.
Studio sets are often very glamorous and bright lightening is used to highlight important aspects of the games
show genre, e.g. a spotlight is used to draw attention to the podium that the contestant is standing on or by.
Studio audience participation again, is key when talking about the narrative genre of the show. The presenter and
audience's relationship makes for positive viewing, and is used to emphasise what the presenter is saying. Catch
phrases used by the presenter will get applause, or will get repeated back, this makes the audience at home feel
involved when they join in with the studio audience.
Personalities of the participants are used to create sympathy, as well as their personal stories. Details about the
reason they applied for the show or their bad luck in relationships can make the viewer feel sorry for them, or start
to like them. The dating game keeps us in suspense as we get to look at how the contestants got on, on their dates
from the previous week. This also reinforces the use of characters and personalities, and familiarises the
audience with the show.
The relationship between the viewer at home and the presenter is also used as a direct mode of
address. The presenter addresses the audience in some way as well as the viewer at home. The use

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Medium close
ups/ close ups are used to capture the emotion of the show, and the girls reactions to the men who
come down the `love lift'.
Uses and Gratification that the audience receives while watching the show is primarily entertainment. We use this
entertainment for humour, to relax or just to fill in our spare time in the evening.…read more


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