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Heaven and Hell…read more

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· Beatific Vision ­ seeing God face to face
· Fulfilment ­ relationship with God.
· "Heaven is the ultimate end and fulflment
of the deepest human longings, the state
of supreme definitive happiness."
· All humans are called towards heaven as
their goal.…read more

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· Separation from God
· Punishment
· Fire, torment, heat etc
· God's justice demands that people are
· Does this fit in with the view of God?
· Where is Hell?
· How can we suffer with no body?…read more

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· Soul is eternal and is reborn.
· Dualistic religious theory.
· Status of the body the soul is reborn into
depends on the previous life.
· Physical world is temporary.
· Everyone has an "atman" a soul.
· Status of the soul reflects Karma.…read more

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· Children remember events they were not
present at.
· (They may have heard people speak of
· Deja Vu…read more

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· Link between the previous life and the person
who has inherited the soul.
· What is the link? It is not memories or the body.
· Swinburne says that there is no evidence to be
sure that the soul is the same one. Continuity is
· If we suffer in this life due to what we have done
in a previous one and yet we cannot remember
it, is that fair?
· Who exactly am I?…read more

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