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Heat Transfer…read more

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· Occurs mainly in solids
· Most liquids and gases are poor conductors
(good insulators as contain trapped air)
· If solid heated, particles gain kinetic energy,
vibrate more, energy passed on to close
· Metals heated, free electrons gain kinetics
energy and move through metal transferring
energy…read more

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Conduction…read more

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· Convection occurs in fluids (liquids and gases)
· Fluid heated it expands as particles move apart
· Becomes less dense and rises
· Warm fluid replaced by cooler denser fluid
· Resulting in convection current
· Can be on large scale and small scale i.e. in a
beaker or in the ocean…read more

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Convection…read more

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· Evaporation = liquid to gas at surface of liquid
· Takes place as more energetic liquid molecules
escape, therefore the average kinetic energy is
less so the temperature of the liquid decreases
· Rate of evaporation increased by:
o Increasing the surface area of the liquid
o Increasing the temperature of the liquid
o Creating a draught of air across the liquid's surface…read more

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