Heart Disease

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Heart Disease
There are many different types of heart disease. They all disrupt the hearts rhythm and
cause it to beat out of turn. Coronary heart disease is caused by a gradual build up of fatty
deposits on the inside of coronary arteries, which causes them to narrow. The medical
term for this condition is atherosclerosis and the fatty material is known as atheroma
Heart attacks can occur with people with heart disease. A heart attack occurs because:
The heart muscles do not get enough oxygen and nutrients that they need. These
cells begin to die.
Fat deposits can build up in the coronary arteries.
They can become under strain and the deposit can rupture.
This can also cause blood clots.
Causes of heart disease
Smoking increases the risk of heart disease.
There is a chance of genetically being more vulnerable to it.
There are many lifestyle factors that lead to heart disease. In the UK it is more
common because there are:
Many smokers
Lack of regular exercise
Stress levels are very high
Poor diets and not eating a balanced diet
Smoking, high levels of salt and high saturated fat and high cholesterol make heart disease
more likely. Also being overweight, have high blood pressure and other health conditions
can increase someone's chance of having heart disease.


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