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Healthy Living Summary
1 Theories of Health Belief
1.1 Health Belief Model
Developed by Becker and Rosenstock in 1970: why or why not people went for a TB screening was
determined by the perceived threat
HBM is a cognitive model indicating the likelihood of an individual adopting a behaviour

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Efficacy expectations ­ a person's belief they can successfully do what is required to achieve the
outcome. Factors that affect this
o Vicarious experiences ­ seeing others be successful
o Verbal persuasion ­ being told you can do something
o Emotional arousal ­ anxiety reduces selfefficacy
o Performance accomplishments ­…

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o Aim: to review the impact of passing of a law requiring children to wear cycle helmets in
Maryland USA
o Method: natural experiment using independent measures
o Participants: children from 47 schools in Howard County and 2 control groups one from
Montgomery County and one from Baltimore County. Ages…

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Usually use therapeutic outcomes ­ i.e. if someone is ill and given medication then they get better,

you can assume that they took the medication
Lustman et al. (2000)
o Aim: to assess the efficacy of the antidepressant Fluoxetine in treating depression by
measuring glycaemic control (treatment for depression in…


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