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Task 3a
Factors that influence Communication
Explain Factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in
Health and social care Environments. (P3)
There are many factors that help effective communication develop, and also help hinder
effective communication. The factors that help influence effective communication and
interpersonal interactions are listed below.
Language needs and preferences
In this case study, there is a large language barrier as Mr.Patel speaks only a few words
of English, and other staff in the oakswille Home speaks fluent and advanced English
using a lot of Medical Terminology. This effects good communication as the messages
is not being conveyed and Mr.Patel does not understand what they are able to
communicate. Due to the fact of Language Barrier, this has had a bad influence on
effective communication.
The individual's preferred Language
Relating this point to the case study, we learn that there is a language barrier between
Mr Patel and the staff at oakswille Nursing Home. This is because Mr Patel only speaks
a few words of English and service users at the nursing home uses lots of medical
Terminology which is way too confusing and it cannot be understood by Mr Patel. They
are also rushing with the meeting as the time they had was very limited. So basically,
the staffs are speaking advanced English which is beyond understandable for Mr Patel.
Not only that but they seem to rush and make it even harder for him to understand what
information they are trying to convey.
The environment
The Environment is one of the most important factors to effective communication. What
influences effective communication can be Lightening, noise or even just the amount of
space. Being in an environment where the lightening is very dim can cause tiredness
and dis interest in the conversation. These can also nonlimit nonverbal communication
for example facial expressions and body Language. A lot of Background Noise can
make in difficult for one to hear and clearly understand what others are communicating.
In the case study, there seems to be rather a lot of environmental barriers which hinder
effective Communication. For instance, A lot of background Noise coming from the
ward. But in fact, this seems very distracting. Also through the corridor the light which
was constantly flickering. This is also very distracting and is another environmental

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Cultural Differences
Cultural differences can create a large barrier for effective communication. Language
barriers and jargon are common factors that can disrupt effective communication
between cultures. For this reason it is important to recognize these cultural differences
and avoid risks which can cause offence and create new communication barriers.…read more

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In relation to the case study there were many communication barriers between the staff
at Oakville nursing home and Mr Patel. Some examples are language barriers, position,
cultural barriers, and the environment and setting. These factors can influence effective
communication and interpersonal interactions.
By these points we learn that there are many factors that influence effective
communication and interpersonal interactions. Working in the health and social care
settings means one will often have to communicate difficult and complex information.…read more


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