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Task 3a

Factors that influence Communication

Explain Factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in
Health and social care Environments. (P3)

There are many factors that help effective communication develop, and also help hinder
effective communication. The factors that help influence effective communication and
interpersonal interactions are listed below.…

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influence to effective communication as nonverbal communication such as body
language is used.

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences can create a large barrier for effective communication. Language
barriers and jargon are common factors that can disrupt effective communication
between cultures. For this reason it is important to recognize these cultural differences…

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communication can be made difficult for workers working within health and social care

In relation to the case study there were many communication barriers between the staff
at Oakville nursing home and Mr Patel. Some examples are language barriers, position,
cultural barriers, and the environment and setting. These factors…


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