Health and Physical Activity

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Health and Physical Activity
Health will improve through physical activities. There are many reasons for taking part in
physical activity and these can vary because of aspects such as your age. Younger ages will
participate in different sports than the older generation. There are three specific groups that
the reason for doing physical activity is under: physical, mental and social.
For an exam, especially in edexcel, you will need to be able to:
Give examples of the benefits of exercise
Explain how benefits are achieved
Place benefits into the correct category.
Physical reasons for taking part in physical activity:
Building up strength
Improving techniques and skills
Improved posture
Mental reasons for taking part in physical activity:
Something to think about
Stress relief
Something to look forward to
Builds confidence
Self motivation
Social reasons for taking part in physical activity:
Make new friends
Working with others
Able to encourage others
Learn to be a leader
Benefits of taking part in physical activity:

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Increase Fitness Being able to run further.
It can make you want to be fitter because
you have already increased how well your
body works.
To help the individual feel good Being able to feel more confident about you.
You would be able to go out somewhere
and it would make you more confident with
other people.
To relieve stress and tension Being less stressed at work.
It would allow you to take time out of a
busy work life and relax.…read more


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