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Coronary Heart Disease
What is Coronary Heart Disease?
It is a disease in which a waxy substance called plaque builds up inside the coronary arteries
Have high blood pressure
Have a high blood cholesterol level
Don't take regular exercise
Have diabetes
(unusual) breathlessness
Chest pain/angina

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Emotional ­ Feeling stressed, upset, anxious, depressed.
Social ­ Withdrawn from friends, may not go out as much, but may also join social groups raising
Financial ­ Leaving work, and going on sick pay.

Impact on family
Physical ­ Feel or look run down, changed in family roles and…

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Medication/Help ­ Defibrillator
Psychological ­ Counsellor, therapist, support groups
Lifestyle Changes ­ Cutting down on smoking and alcohol, and eating more healthy, while doing
the required amount of exercise

Impact on Individual
Physical ­ Problems with cognitive functions, and possible brain damage
Intellectual ­ Unable to concentrate at…

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Financial ­ They might leave work to support family


What is a Stroke?
A Stroke is a brain attack, it happens when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off
A blood clot form in a main artery to the brain/blood clots stop the flow…

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Impact on Individual
Physical ­ Fatigue, weakness or paralysis, still muscles, increased sensations
Intellectual ­ Problems with memory, difficulty with attention, inability to filter background noise,
problems with perception
Emotional ­ May suffer from depression or anxiety
Social ­ Difficulties in communicating with others and social isolation as a result…

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Financial ­ They may leave work to help out, or have to pay car parking charges at the hospital


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