hazard symbols

the hazard symbols in chemistry.

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Hazard signs
There are many different dangers when handling
chemicals. Each chemical has a different hazard. Some may
be poisonous, cause burns, catch fire easily or even
explode. To warn us of the hazards, chemists use hazard
symbols. These symbols are used all over the world, so no
matter what language you'll understand the hazard.
Corrosive A substance that may destroy living
tissue on contact. It causes a burn.
Flammable A substance that can catch fire
Explosive A substance that may explode if it
comes into contact with a flame or heat. It may also
explode due to friction or shock.

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Harmful A substance that may cause harm in
some way
Irritant A substance that may cause irritation
to the skin, eyes or inside your body.
Toxic A substance that is poisonous if
swallowed or breathed in. It may even go through your
Environmental Hazard These substances
damage or pollute the environment.
Radiation These substances are radioactive.
Radiation can damage cells and cause cancer.…read more


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