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A group of over 7000 islands in South East Asia. However, only around 200 of these island are
inhabited, with a total population of 101 million people. It sits on the boundary of the
Philippine and Eurasian plates.


Destructive plate boundary
Causes explosive volcanic eruptions
Tropical monsoon…

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High density
High levels of poverty
Increased vulnerability

Population 101 million
GDP $284.9 billion
GDP Per Capita $7000
% Living in poverty 25.2
Average time spent in education 11 years
% Households with internet 39.4
Life expectancy 69 years

Geophysical Hazards

Stratovolcanoes are created at these destructive boundaries. (Layers of…

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means that in the South East, the Philippine plate is subducted, whilst in the North West the
Eurasian plate is subducted.

As the plate subducts, oceanic crust melts and creates magma, releasing gases that build up
below the crust. As a result of melting, friction and pressure, volcanoes and earthquakes…

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Recent Hazards

Luzon, 1990, afternoon. 7.8 magnitude, 2400 dead, 126,000 displaced. Electric, water and
communication line destroyed.


Guinsaugon, 2006. Due to 10 days of heavy rain (la Nina) and a minor earthquake, magnitude
2.6. 1150 deaths, including from a submerged elementary school.

Mount Pinatubo, June 1991.…

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Runs down the West coast of the USA, with a population of 38 million. It is a very wealthy
state, however it is also an area of high risk.

So why do people live there?

Economic Social Technology Perceptions
Silicon valley, Good Secure in the May see
wealthy area,…

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move away Family and will give them and not as
from their jobs friends etc. enough much of a risk
or job live there warning as car crashes
opportunities for example

General Stats
Population 38 million
GDP $2 trillion
GDP Per Capita $47 000
% Living in poverty 16

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The earthquakes also put the coast at risk of tsunamis.

e.g. Northridge 1994

4:31am, everybody in bed. Magnitude 6.7, in densely populated valley. Aftershocks of
up to magnitude 5. 57 dies, 1500 seriously injured, 12,500 buildings damaged. 9000
homes and businesses without electricity. Liquefaction a major problem.

Flooding and Landslides…


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