Have civil rights in the US been achieved?

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Have civil rights been achieved in the US?
What are civil rights?
This the right to be free from discrimination on terms of race, gender, sexual
orientation, disability etc, and the ability to play full part in political and civil
life, ie being able to vote.
· There is no longer any deliberate segregation in schools, housing etc.
(Brown vs Board of Education)
· Voting Rights Act- gave racial minorities universal franchise and
ensured that no one could be prevented from voting
· Fair Housing Act- ended discrimination in housing
· Equal Protection Clause- ensures equal protection for anyone
· Lawrence v Texas 2003- legalised homosexuality and Hollingsworth v
Perry- gave same sex couples the same benefits as heterosexual
· No constitutional amendment guaranteeing female equality, despite
many attempts in the 1970s
· Only some states allow same sex marriage, and there is still
widespread homophobia across the US, for example the murder of Mark
Carson in NYC in 2013
· There is a lack of minority representation in the Senate- only 7 people
of racial and ethnic minorities, 20 females in the US and 1 openly gay
Senator (Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin)
· Because of the large socio economic gap between races in the US,
there are still many schools that are segregated especially in Louisiana
and Pennsylvania


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