Has the position of children improved?

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Has the position of children improved?
Yes No
Parents still hold the power, they tell the child what they can do and
Children have laws to protect them from rape, paedophilia and what they can't do, how they dress and so on
abuse Restrictions ­ the age which you can drive, the age you can get
The working age is now 16 and over married, voting and becoming a MP, taking part in paid work, the
Better diets ­ There is more emphasises on eating healthier. legal consent age, the age you can buy certain goods such as drinks,
They have better medical care ­ school nurses, NHS or 18 rated movies.
Better education which is made compulsory. This gives the Womack (2011) reports that Britain's children are said to be the
children the qualifications they need in order to get a good job in unhappiest in the west. Family breakdowns are one of the causes of
the future this.
More facilities One third of 16 year olds in GB are now living apart from their
More toys and leisure time biological fathers.
Children growing up in the UK are more prone to bad physical and
mental health, failure at school and have the poorest relationships
with their parents and friends
Teenage pregnancy is among the highest in Europe
43% percent of children were being neglected, 27% suffered
emotional abuse, 11% suffered from physical abuse, 6% from sexual
abuse and 13% suffered from more than one type of abuse in the
year ending march 2011
Even though there have been a lot of improvements for the lives of
children there are still some downfalls. The better medical health care and
more toys available for children, give them a good childhood. However
this depends on where you live, and who you live with. Some adults do
abuse their children and don't give them the basic needs. This isn't rare

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However overall, I think it has improved. Before, children
would start working at the age of 7, a lot of them would've died because
of the type of work they would have done. They weren't given a
childhood and were treated like adults. Nowadays, children are seen as
precious little things and are really cared for. They have the NHS looking
after them, social services and so on, as well as their parents.…read more


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