Harlow & The Nature of Affection

Information on Harlow and his study on the nature of affection. Was created as summer homework before I started AS Psychology but has not yet been relevant to our exam board (WJEC). Hopefully someone else will find it useful though! 

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AFFECTION…read more

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HARRY ISRAEL…read more

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Harlow was
born in Iowa in
1905 as Harry
He was interested in
poetry and drawing as a
child and was described as
`A weird little misfit'…read more

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Harlow worked like a
dog but was told he
would never amount
to anything
After much pleading for a
decent job, Harlow was told
to change his surname
and then his employer would
see what he could do…read more

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After changing his surname
Harlow got a job at The
University of
Wisconsin and travelled
all over the country
He planned to study rats
but wound up with
Rhesus monkeys
instead…read more

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