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Hardy personality
AS Psychology, AQA A unit 2-
biological (stress)…read more

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Hardy personality
· Commitment- whatever the circumstances its best to
stay involved
· Control- best to struggle and have an influence on the
outcomes. Be in control of the situation
· Challenge- have a positive attitude to problems.
Change it normal: learn from positive and negative
experiences…read more

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· 12 year natural experiment at a telephone company
involving 450 supervisors and managers, some of
which were made redundant.
· Found that 2/3 employees had problems with health
(heart attacks, cancer, suicide) and increased
violence. The other 1/3 thrived (rose in management
positions, started own companies); these employees
had a hardy personality
· This shows that a hardy personality can protect you
from stress as you are more likely to cope well in
stressful situations with a hardy personality.…read more

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Maddi- evaluation
· Low population validity- only focuses on people in a
business undergoing change. Can't be certain a hardy
personality protects us from other types of stress.…read more

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· Studied 800 American business executives by using
SRRS questionnaire.
· 150 had high stress but only some suffered from a
stress related illness. Those who didn't have a stress
related illness scored highly on the questionnaire
· This shows that those with a hardy personality are
less likely to become ill.…read more

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Kobasa- evaluation
· Social desirability bias- people can lie on these
questionnaire to fit in with society. So we can't be
certain the classification of someone having a hardy
personality is accurate.…read more

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