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Hardiness Training
`'You can't always influence
what others may say or do
to you but you can influence
how you react and respond
to it.''…read more

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There is a very, very tall coconut tree, and there
are 4 animals passing by:
King Kong, Ape, Orangutan and Monkey
They have a competition to see who is the
fastest to get the banana. Who do you guess will
Your answer will reflect your personality. Try and
answer within 30 seconds
Got your answer?…read more

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Hardiness is a personality type consisting of
high levels of control, commitment and
challenge. Evidence suggests that high
levels of hardiness protect against the
negative effects of stress.…read more

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Kobasa's training 1979
Aim: To increase confidence and sense of control to deal
more successfully with change.
Procedure: participants filled out a questionnaire to asses
control, commitment, and challenge.…read more

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`'Three C's `'
CONTROL the idea that you can influence the events in our life,
including stressors.
CHALLENGE looking at the changes in life as opportunity rather
than a ounce of stress.
COMMITMENT the individuals sense of involvement and purpose
in life
TO STR i s o f
e b as in i ng
T h s s t r a
n e
hardi…read more

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