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A2 Government & Politics 12/10/2012

1. Draw a table that distinguishes between hard and soft power?

Hard Power Soft Power

is a term describing political power is the ability to obtain what one wants
obtained from the use of military or through cooption and attraction
economic coercion to influence the…

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A2 Government & Politics 12/10/2012

the international community, as well
the flow of information between actors
soft power is often associated with the
rise of globalisation and neoliberal
international relations theory
popular culture and media is regularly
identified as a source of soft power
soft power is a descriptive rather…

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A2 Government & Politics 12/10/2012

In 2008, Nye applied the concepts of hard and soft power to individual leadership in "The powers
to lead".

Soft power has been criticised as being ineffective by authors such as Niall Ferguson in the preface
to Colossus. Neorealist and other rationalist and neorationalist authors…


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