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Flood Management
Hard and Soft Engineering Strategies…read more

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HARD - Dams and Reservoirs
· Dam ­ concrete or soil structure which holds back water. Man
made structure, usually built across a river valley.
· Reservoir ­ the man made lake caused by the dam (behind the
dam).…read more

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Benefits of Dams and Reservoirs
· Help with water supply/shortage
· Building a dam helps prevent flooding by slowing down and
controls the flow of water below the dam.
· Reservoirs allows the storage of excess water which can be
released later.
· In winter, build up of water in reservoir and then releases it in
summer so the flow of water is equal throughout the year…read more

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· Planning restrictions
· Eye sore
· Area behind dam/reservoir will become flooded
· One of the most expensive flood prevention methods…read more

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HARD - Meander Straightening
· Bypassing the river meanders
· Speeds up the flow of water passed certain straightened
points ­ Prevents a build up of water
· Helps remove water from an area quickly
· Where the river enters back into the natural river system,
sometimes below the meander straight flooding is increased
· Very expensive…read more

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SOFT ­ Flood Warnings
· Telling residents of potential flood dangers
· The environment agency issue flood warnings - TV, newspapers,
· Allows you to prepare
· e.g. Evacuating area, buying sand bags
· Limits the effects
· Could be inaccurate or be too late
· Doesn't actually prevent the flood from happening…read more

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