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Emma Rudd

Objectives and Strategy
Handling Rapid Growth
Definition = Rapid growth implies a sustained, substantial increase in sales turnover,
sufficient to affect the managerial structure of the business.

Growth is a common business objective. When a new market is opening up it can be
crucial to become the…

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Emma Rudd

months. In which case there may be 5 months of excess demand to cope with (perhaps by
subcontracting). However there remains a lot of scope for error. The starting point is
the increased workload on staff. Extra sales may put pressure on the accounting
system, the warehouse manager…

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Emma Rudd

These unpleasant possibilities can largely be set aside if a good example is set from the
top. Is the founder of the business continues to be involved ­ especially on customer
service ­ all may still be well. The leader needs to make sure staff keep sight of…

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Emma Rudd

this fully and carry on writing about the firm when every set of financial result comes

The purpose of going public is usually to achieve a substantial increase in share capital.
This can enable a highly geared private firm to achieve a more balanced capital
structure. It…


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