Handel's Messiah - And the Glory of The Lord. Everything you Need To Know

This Powerpoint comtains everything you will need to know in order to answer a question on the listening paper for Handel's Messiah - And the Glory of The Lord.

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Handel's Messiah
`And The Glory Of The Lord'
Sample Answers…read more

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· Strings mainly double voices
· Modest range for Instruments
· Harpsichord player is expected to improvise
harmonies from the bass part
· Oboe and Bassoon lines added 7 years later…read more

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· Triple Time Metre (3/4)
· Some use of dotted rhythms
· Hemiolas
· Long note values for emphasis, e.g. "For the
mouth of the Lord hath spoken it."
· Crochet and Quaver movement keeps the
rhythm moving forward…read more

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· Overall Homophonic texture
· Polyphonic phrases (Bars 91 ­ 107)
· Few short monophonic passages
· Instruments often doubling voices
· Varied combinations of voice parts such as
sopranos and basses singing together…read more

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· A Major with modulations
· Modulates to E major twice and B major once…read more

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· Diatonic
· Root position and first inversion triads
· Fast rate of harmonic change
· Many perfect cadences
· Ends in a plagal cadence…read more

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