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Music Listening GCSE
Lois French…read more

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Song has four main ideas
Prophecy ­ of Jesus' birth
It was written in 1741…read more

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In simple triple time ¾ although though it
feels like ¼
Allegro ­ Fast and Joyful
Last four bars are Adagio ­ slightly slower
than Allegro. This was to give the piece a
grander ending.…read more

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An oratorio ­ Religious Opera
4 motifs base around the lyrics­
1"And the glory of the Lord"
2"Shall be revealed"
3"All flesh shall see together"
4"For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it"…read more

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Key: A major modulates to E major [bar 22]
Perfect cadence used to switch key and end
Plagal Cadence used to end piece ­
Grander, `Amen' ending.…read more

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Parts are played in p ­ piano (softly,quiet)
Other forte ­ f (loud)
Terraced dynamics ­ instruments going loud
and quiet at different parts and times.…read more

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