Hamlet and The Revenger's Tragedy CRITICAL QUOTES

A collection of several critical quotes that can be used for "Hamlet" by Shakespeare and "The Revenger's Tragedy" by Middleton. In addition, a couple of complex words to elevate the style of your writing. 

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Critics and key vocab
edu/~teuber/earlycrit.html…read more

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· "The single characteristic of Hamlet's innermost
nature is by no means irresolution or hesitation or
any form of weakness, but rather the strong
conflux of contending forces"
· Paraphrased: A characteristic of Hamlet's
innermost nature is not irresolution or hesitation,
but a desire to prove an argument right and the
struggle to overcome dangers.…read more

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Samuel Johnson
· Hamlet is, through the whole play, rather an
instrument than an agent.
· he makes no attempt to punish Claudius, and
his death is at last effected by an incident
which Hamlet has no part in producing…read more

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Von Goethe
· Impossibilities have been required of Hamlet;
not in themselves impossibilities, but such for
· All duties seem Holy for Hamlet…read more

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· Hamlet is unable to carry out the sacred duty,
imposed by divine authority, of punishing an
evil man by death…read more

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· Paraphrase: Shakespeare seems to have
wished to exemplify the moral necessity of
balance between our senses and our minds. In
Hamlet, this balance seems disturbed; his
thoughts and imagination are far more vivid
than his actual perceptions.
· Hamlet is obliged to act on the spur of the
moment…read more

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Some interesting interpretations of the play that could be used is discussion groups to open up debates about how the play can be interpreted and the different views that exist about the tragedy.

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