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Halogens Appearance Uses Risks
· Pale yellow gas at standard · Most commonly used in making · Extremely reactive.
conditions of temperature and refrigerants and detergents, as well · Highly toxic to humans.
pressure. as fluoride in toothpaste. · Corrosive gas which may react with
· Used as uranium hexafluoride for metal containers.
processing nuclear fuel.
· Pale yellow-green gas at standard · Used as a bleach and for purification · Produces a gas that is toxic to
conditions of temperature and of drinking and pool water. humans.
pressure. · Polymer PVC (poly vinyl chloride) is · Chlorine containers may burst when
· Colourless in an aqueous solution. used for making hoses, pipes, and exposed to elevated temperatures.
· Pale yellow in the presence of electric cables. · Corrosive and can react with some
cyclohexane. · Also used in bromine extraction. forms of plastics and rubber.
· Orange/brown liquid at standard · Used to disinfect water and to · Volatile liquid that produces a
conditions of temperature and produce multicolour dyes. vapour that is toxic to humans.
pressure. · Also used in flame retardants and · Can corrode metals, including iron,
· (pale if diluted) orange/brown in an works as effective pesticides. steel, stainless steel and copper.
aqueous solution. · Br2 compounds are important in the
· Orange in presence of cyclohexane. manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
· Grey solid at standard conditions of · Used as a water purifying agent and · Heating creates fumes that are toxic
temperature and pressure. sterilising agent. to humans.
· (pale if diluted) brown in an · Acts as an antioxidant in our blood. · Ingestion, skin or eye contact can
aqueous solution. · Silver iodide is used in photography. cause adverse health effects.
· Pink/purple in the presence of · Iodine solution is used to test for
cyclohexane. the presence of starch.
· Black solid at standard conditions of · Astatine-211 is used as a radioactive · Only halogen that is radioactive,
temperature and pressure. tracer. which presents unique safety
· It is also used in the treatment of concerns for storage and
cancer. transportation.
· Considered the rarest substance on
Earth.…read more


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