Haiti Earthquake Case Study

Causes, social, economic and environmental impacts and responses

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Haiti Earthquake Case Study
Type of hazard Earthquake
Plate Boundary North American and Caribbean plates, conservative
Date of event 12th January 2010
Location Haiti
Economic development LDC
Causes Magnitude 7 earthquake
Epicentre 16 miles west of PortauPrince
Shallow focus of 5 miles
Struck at 16:53]
EnriquilloPlantain Garden Fault had been locked for 250
years gathering stress
The rupture in the fault was 65km long
Social Impacts 316,000 killed
1 million homeless out of a population of 10 million
250,000 homes and 30,000 other buildings were destroyed
or badly damaged, including the Presidential Palace
50+ hospitals were badly damaged
1300+ schools were badly damaged
Transport and communication links were badly damages
4,500 criminals escaped from the main prison and went on
a crime spree
Economic Impacts 1 in 5 lost their jobs, clothing, the largest industry was worst
$7.8 billion in damages
Cranes at the port were destroyed reducing trade
Response Short Term
$100 million in aid given by the USA and $330 million by
the European Union
810,000 people placed in aid camps
115,000 tents and 1,000,000+ tarpaulin shelters provided
Healthcare supplies provided to limit disease
Lack of immediate aid through poor planning,
management and access meant that people had to try and
rescue each other
4.3 million people provided with food rations in the weeks
following the earthquake
Long Term
98% of the rubble on the roads hadn't been cleared after 6
months restricting aid access
1 million people still without houses after 1 year so still have
to live in aid camps
Support for people without jobs, which equates to nearly
70% of the population, through cash/foodforwork projects
Temporary schools created and new teachers trainee
Water and sanitation eventually supplied for 1.7 million

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The UN created a $2 million fund to boost textile
The Senegalese offered land to Haitians who wanted to
$1.1billion raised by 23 charities but only 2% released
Other 80% of people live on $2 or less per day
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