Haemoglobin vs Collagen

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Structure Function
Haemoglobin Collagen (Fibrous) Haemoglobin Collagen
(globular) (globular) (Fibrous)
4 polypeptide units 3 polypeptide chains Transport molecule Structural
(2 alpha, 2 beta wound around each carry oxygen molecule give
chains) other around body strength to
Has a prosthetic Has no prosthetic Soluble in water Insoluble in
group ­haem group group water
Primary structure Primary structure Globular (3D Fibrous (3D
Made of a wide range 35% one type of feature roll into feature form
of amino acids amino acid, (glycine) balls) fibres)
Much of molecule Much of molecule Molecules tend to Molecules form
wound into alpha consists of not with each other covalent bonds
helix structure left-handed helix (cross-links)
structures increase
strength &
form fibril


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