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Ellianna Gibbs L6.03

The role of haemoglobin is to transport oxygen.

Haemoglobin (Hb) Molecules
Primary Structure: 4 interlocking polypeptides.
Secondary Structure: Each chain is coiled into a helix.
Tertiary Structure: Each polypeptide chain is folded into a precise shape.
Quaternary Structure: Each polypeptide is associated with a haem group.…

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Ellianna Gibbs L6.03

The graph is s-shaped because
when Hb combines with the first
oxygen molecule so it is easier for
other molecules to join too. As it
starts to become more fully
saturated it becomes harder for
more oxygen to join. As a result the
curve has a steep…

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Ellianna Gibbs L6.03

Loading, transport and unloading of oxygen
At the gas-exchange surface CO2 is constantly being removed.
The pH is raised due to the low level of CO2.
The higher pH changes the shape of haemoglobin into one that loads oxygen
The shape increases the affinity for oxygen…


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